Saturday, August 15, 2009

Studying procrastination

Okay, I lied. A post cos I'm so tired of studying.

Wedding dress shopping was something that I both looked forward to and dreaded. I was looking forward to it because it is fun to try out something completely different from what I usually wear. It's fun whether it makes you look completely beautiful or makes you look completely insane. Fun stuff! I was dreading it because wedding dress shopping can be a claustrophobic experience with salespeople. It was a little hard because I usually went by myself; it's hard to get other friends (i.e. in medical school cos I don't know anyone not in medical school in Augusta) to come with me to help decide. I wanted my mom there but she was at Taiwan at the time. I had always envisioned my sisters there as well since we were present when my older sister picked out her dress. "Eh, I'm a big girl and I can fend for myself." Also, I usually like shopping with John. He understands what I like and what is helpful advice; I trust his opinion. But I figured, maybe I should observe the traditional wedding dress shrouded in mystery for now.

The first shop I went to was Elegant Bridals off Furys Ferry. I was lucky to have a really friendly salesgirl named Sarah. As you can tell, we had some fun :)

I think this was the first dress I tried on. This is when I started to feel kinda weird, as if I was going to get married one day. haha :) I really liked it!
Sarah was really wonderful, I was so surprised cos I imagined a bridal consultant to be snobby and dishonest. Sarah was the exact was only a few months after this visit that I found out that she was only an intern there and had left for a job in DC. Oh well.

I think this was one of my favorite gowns. I really liked the sideswept part near my waist. It was waaay too expensive tho and not even silk material. Oh yea, notice that picture behind me? Apparently, the big thing to do is a bridal portrait. It's obviously your choice to do one if you want and not make any excuses to anyone, but I got a little weirded out with all the posing on golf courses.
I think this was my favorite. It's big on me, the wrong size, but I loved the idea. Rhinestone collar that continued to the back and light tulle coverage of the sternum area felt very pretty.
This felt more like your standard type of wedding dress. Looked pretty but didn't really strike me.
I felt like a flowy mother earth type. Eh, I felt that I looked pregnant in this dress.

This was my first visit to a dress shop period so I wasn't planning to get a dress. The first two dresses I really liked and kept in mind. What do you think??

Next post: my fun trip to Santee Bridal Warehouse with Emily!! :)


  1. Is it bad that I like the one where you think you look pregnant?!

  2. hehe, uh everyone is entitled to their opinion :)